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PinkJody's blog about the crisis in haiti...

My friend jody posted this earlier and it made my heart hurt. Please read and, if you can think of any way to help these girls and the children they care for, please contact one of the ladies mentioned. My heart and all my hope go out to them and to the children. There HAS to be help somwehere...

As you all may or may not know, I know two sisters, Jamie and Ali McMutrie, who are stranded in Haiti with over 30 babies in their care. They’ve been living there for years, running an orphanage to try to get these kids out of the neglected and impoverished city of Port Au Prince.

To all of the amazing folks who have been re-posting, making phone calls, praying… Thank you. It’s all helped. The girls are still alive and so are the children. They’ve made contact with family via a stranger’s Blackberry. This all sounds positive, but as you read the following email from Jamie, you will see that those were only small feats compared to what they have to face next:

“Our housé is falling b two also. Adoptions stoppéd five yrs at least. We are living in yard no food water bank stores phone mostly. Only idéa is if u no anyoné important who can give réfugee status to all thé bresma u.s. kids. We trùly cant keep babys alive water contaminated. This is our only hope - only private planes allowed. We know its cràzy but can évryone come togethér and find a person to help us like obama? Thé kids r almost américan and will have homes. We try to call all day and cant. Sending this from a strangers blackberry. i want to make sûre évryoné ùnderstands we cant stay in haiti and thé kids will not live if théy stay. Riots will start within two days.”


There have been offers from numerous individuals to fly there and rescue the girls… but the children will not be allowed to go. Why? Because they are not American citizens. 30 of them are already knee deep into the adoption process, with families around the world awaiting their arrival. Now that the earthquake has taken place, they’ve put off ALL adoptions for 5 years. This means that if we cannot get some sort of temporary US citizenship for these children, they will be left for dead.

My friend, Ali Pace, sister-in-law and close friend of the girls has posted a Facebook blog that states:

we’ve gotten a lot of people that are willing to help with the humanitarian side of things, but the more pressing issue is that the orphans are essentially abandoned right now. because of the massive upheaval in haiti, the adoption process has pretty much stopped. these children are in the process of being adopted, but they are now in a state of limbo, so to speak. we feel fairly confident at this point (as much as we can) that we are going to be able to safely get jamie and ali out of the country. the most pressing issue has become getting the children safely home. what we need now more than anything is for the government here, in the US, to grant the children some sort of temporary refugee status so that they can come home and be with the families that are waiting for them. we are in no way experts here. we have no idea how to go about making it happen. what we need are connections, string pulling at the highest levels of government. this is a tall order. but without some sort of intervention these kids will literally just be abandoned. there is no other hope for them.

if you could please post this in a blog form, that would be amazing. there is no way jamie or ali will ever leave without getting the kids somewhere safe.

everyone please keep your thinking caps on. we need all of your help.

Sen. Bob Casey
Phone: (202) 224-6324
Toll Free: (866) 802-2833
Phone: (412) 803-7370

Sen. Arlen Specter
Main: 202-224-4254
Main: 412-644-3400


I’m asking that all of you who can, PLEASE call those numbers. PLEASE be a nag. PLEASE harass. PLEASE use the voice you were given and put it towards something positive. Those babies NEED YOU.

Pittsburgh blogger, Virginia Montanez, has been amazing with keeping things in order and posting updates as necessary. If you’d like to keep up with all of this, I suggest checking out her blog:

Again, we all thank you for anything that you can do… Any suggestions that you have… Any reposts that you post… It all counts.

Love you,


PS – I will be posting updates via Twitter as I hear more. As will Ali and Adrienne Pace. You can follow any one of us if you care to stay in the know: @AliPaceInUrFace, @BlackAdrienne, @PinkJody Also, if you have ANY helpful information, PLEASE contact anyone mentioned in this blog.
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