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it's been a REALLY long time.

soooo..list. =P

-+ the tour is over. no more innovating. which is not such a bad thing because i'm ready for a new project. problem is that "the producers" doesn't start for another 7 weeks. =P
-+ me and mally broked up.
+++ we're still bestest friends.
- i miss kara
---- i need to get a dress for kara's wedding. =/
+ me and NAR are going to see Gnarls Barkley and the Raconteurs the week i get back from WVPT. =)
-+ got an email asking me to come to NY for a callback for the national non-equity tour of "Oliver!". i replied to said email. i have not gotten anything back. can't book transportation without confirmation of appointment! arg.

and that's seriously about it. all those months and that's it.

i feel all antsy today for some reason. eh, weird.
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