gretchen (flutterrgrrl) wrote,

yikes. busy last week.

i'm using the NAR format. many thanks to her.

- not being able to sing Hopsice benefit.
+ staying right on schedule getting to NY
+ staying with jen. =)
- Disney dance call
+++ Disney singing call and getting a callback!!
+ good take-out sushi
- not getting an application for employment
---------------- flight being cancelled after 6.5 HOURS ON THE PLANE. rescheduling my flight.
+ seeing manders and sleeping on her wonderful couch. =)
+ CLO rescheduling my audition for the next day
+ finding $20 on the street in brooklyn
+ making it home safe, sound, and on time.
+++ fantastic CLO Christmas Carol audition
++ meeting kara for coffee and much needed talkin.
- not making any money at work (and my friends tipping me WAY TOO MUCH! =P)
+ Kara and Chris coming in for breakfast. =)
+++ seeing my cousins Bethany, brian, patrick, and miranda and seeing what good kids they are.
--- seeing my cousins Abby and Danny and seeing what mean, hateful people they are.
+ going out with mally's work friends and having a good time.
+ snugglin. =)
+ cheap wings at the Ugly Dog.
+ another CLO audition tomorrow.

and, finally +++++++ nicole starting her new job tomorrow. =)

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