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hm. so what did i write last time? oh that's right. "GET. OVER. YOUR. SELVES."

well, i take it back because the person that was intended for did nothing to deserve it. someone else decided to outcast and isolate that person. i love the person who made this decision and understand their anger and bitterness, but please don't choose sides for me, sweetie.

it's not necessary and now it puts me in the awkward position of "making amends" with that person (even though i think we're okay and i did nothing i should need to make amends FOR) and it makes you look petty. so i also get to rectify it while avoiding adressing the fact that it was actually you who took that action.

whatever you want to do, fine. but keep me out of it. i don't need drama and wish everyone well. i am totally behind you in all your endeavors and want nothing more that to see you be happy and successful, but i won't be a part of your anger against the "other side".

by the way, please stop assuming that everything is about you. i don't speak to you, see you, or worry about what you're doing. you, obviously, don't like me and, i assume, never have. and that is fine. but you don't make a difference in my life. you don't effect me in any way and, frankly, i don't care enough about you to worry about what you do. i don't mean that to be rude, but it's the honest truth. i'm glad your life is going in the direction that you want it to go. that's a beautiful thing. but when i post in MY journal, i say what i feel and it has to do with the people in my life. the people i love (who are sometimes the people i'm upset with and it's not like i don't tell them that in person) and the people i associate with.

you are not one of them and that's fine. but please feel free to ignore the things i pose because, i guarantee, they have nothing to do with you. you are not a part of my life and it would be a waste of my energy to worry about what you choose to do.

take care, live happy, and stop worrying about what you think other people are saying or thinking about you. it likely takes more energy than you have to waste on it.

best wishes.
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