gretchen (flutterrgrrl) wrote,


i am sickie. but everything else is great.

mally picked me up from work and we were supposed to visit steve at his show tonight. but i feel like drowsy, cranky poo so we're just watching myth busters and six feet under instead. this is all good with me.

i'm doing QED all month which is good but it kind of kills what's left of the summer. oh well. me and mal are thinking of taking a camping/biking trip in september so that's definitely something to look forward to.

sasha is laying on the floor yelling at me. damned loud cat. she's a little snuggle bunny but MAN is she loud.

and that's about it. just figured i'd throw something on here so i could look back on it and smile at a much later date.

oh yeah, and GET. OVER. YOUR. SELVES.

if this does not apply to you, please ignore. i'm just incredibly sick of people thinking that people care about their "personal" business. if it was truly personal and you didn't want the attention you would keep your mouths shut. i'm also sick of those who think they're so important that they are getting shit on (like NO ONE ELSE IS) and that people are against them. not everyone chooses sides or wastes energy holding a grudge. just FYI.

again, if this does not apply to you, please ignore.

i just can't wait till this drama calms down. sadly, i see a friend being lost permanently.

i guess this is what i get for not choosing sides and not talking shit. =X
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